Yvie Sanchez



Dubai, UAE

To say that it has been life changing, wouldn't be an exaggeration- it has really changed how I think about things. I was a bit of a sceptic before hand but now think it is very powerful and I would definitely look at doing it again in the future if I needed it again :) 

I was a bit of a sceptic before but I think everyone should do it! They should make it compulsory as I think everyone could benefit from it! Best thing about my session was the results!

Saku Holistic Mentor /Cofounder and owner of holistic wellness company

Dubai, UAE

Yvie is calm friendly and professional which helps to relax and open up .Yvie’s knowledge and experience n clear communication helps to understand the session with great clarity. Yvie is compassionate and caring and followed up with me which is very reassuring and felt supported .

Highly recommend sessions with Yvie for anyone interested in experiencing great transformation and positive change .


Dubai, UAE

My session with Yvie connected me with traumatic events in my past that have kept me from living fully. I am still working through my issues but this session helped me to face things head on. Yvie is very professional and kind.


Dubai, UAE

At first I was a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy.  I have done few sessions before I sought Yvie’s service and none of the previous sessions were as professional and as deep as the ones I have experienced with Yvie.  She is a very dedicated professional who takes her profession very seriously.  I liked her approach, the setting and the effectiveness of her sessions.  Her work is very advanced and result driven.  In her sessions, Yvie will take you through your past but gets you back into the present with a new fresh mindset that will improve how you look at yourself and how you react to things around you.  I strongly recommend her work to those who are seeking serious results and are committed to seeing positive change to happen in their lives and relationships.  Gold medal service.


Dubai, UAE

When Yvie told me the change would be instant, I had my doubts but I didn't have many options so I went through it and until today I find it astonishing how quickly lifetime blockers can go away once the source was clarified through her guided RTT practice and the safe environment she creates.


Dubai, UAE

I went to the session being not convinced that it would help me. In some ways I felt that I was beyond help. I would however say that the session definitely did help me and for that I am eternally grateful to Yvie for her help. I no longer feel anger and hatred to the people that had hurt me as a child and I now have a far more positive outlook for my future. Also, thankfully my bulimia has all but disappeared. 


Dubai, UAE

Yvie is a person that cares about people and uses her in depth knowledge to genuinely help people. If you give her a chance and be completely honest with her, she will help to solve the problems that are in your life for decades. I tried soooo many different solutions to my problems and this was the first and only one that worked instantly. The key is to trust the process and follow the instructions Yvie gives you. Do not even think about it, just go and do it. You will not regret it, believe me.


Dubai, UAE

The initial experience was a delight, Yvie came back to my online inquiry within 24 hours and went through descriptive detail to share the therapy offered. Her place is lovely and she's hospitable and very welcoming and is so passionate about what she does so it makes you feel motivated and positive. From experience I would suggest to do more meditiation and tune in with yourself in advance to build up and calm your mind and body to get deep to where you find answers when you see Yvie. You don't feel rushed and Yvie really takes time and wants to help you, so I highly recommend her!



I was extremely lucky to have known Yvie. She's a wonderful , compassionate lady who genuinely wants to help others. I don't live in the Uae, but I'll do whatever it takes to go to Yvie again. Yvie took me through a life -transforming experience which I'll never forget or regret. The benefits you reap will stay with you for a lifetime.

Thank you Yvie for everything.



I am a Life Coach and even after doing a lot work on myself I realized that I was more negative and critical than I wanted to be, especially with my children and husband (unfortunately!).  I loved working with Yvie, she has a very loving and welcoming demeanour and made me feel very comfortable.  She had a great understanding of how I was feeling and expertly helped me get to the root of my issue.  The results have been amazing, I feel that I can communicate a lot better with each member of my family.  I have much more patience and really enjoy our time together.  Now that I feel calmer, I realize that I have lived many years with a low level of anxiety that I didn’t even realize that I had.  Now I can say that I truly enjoy the special moments we spend together.  Thank you Yvie, for giving me a new experience in life!

Caroline - Business Leader


The experience was very professional, engaging and calming. It was a look into areas I could not have found alone and most importantly it provided opportunities to adopt new and more beneficial thought patterns and behaviors. I would recommend RTT and I certainly would do it again, although the amazing thing about Yvie is that she is not seeking to have clients who are regular or investing lots of money on many sessions. She said it could take one session and I believe that is true.  



I felt relaxed and very safe during my Regressive Therapy session with Yvie, It was a very beneficial session, explained many limiting believes and negative patterns that I developed, since my childhood.

One best things about my session was getting to the root cause of my issue, I feel stronger and I feel I have to work more on myself.



„I am good enough“, these simple words changed my life. 

I first did not believe in hypnosis. I thought I would sleep and someone else will read my mind and take control. The opposite happened, I learned that I am the leader of my life . Since my visit with Yvie my life has transformed to a better one. I learned about my past, I learned to forgive and most important that I am good enough. Good enough for my children, for my husband, for my parents and sisters, for my company. I love my life and my self. I am aware now of what I am thinking and what I am. Thank you for bringing me back to reality, and opening my eyes and my heart. 

If you struggle and don’t know how to continue, I just say: „Yvie“❤



I enjoyed my session with Yvie very much. From the first free call with Yvie, I already felt very comfortable with her, and sensed that she genuinely cares about her clients. She put her client's interest as priority, over self-profiteering. 

During my actual RTT session, although I couldn't remember some of my childhood issues and was taking longer than expected, Yvie continued to guide me patiently and encouragingly.  She even spent extra time with me, so that I need not do a separate session again. 


Dubai, UAE

With Yvie’s help I discovered some of the root- issues that caused anxiety and depression in my day to day. I am truly grateful for this but even more as I discovered and I continue to discover with her powerful resources that help me grow and improve continuously on many levels.

Mohamad B

Dubai, UAE

The type of treatment that Yvie performs has an effect very similar to a story told by Plato, which goes something like this, three prisoners were once hand cuffed and chained to each other in a cave. Their only experience of other life forms came through the shadows that moved around on the walls of the cave around. That was their reality. One day one of the prisoners breaks loose to go out and see the real world, only to discover that his previous world in the cave was nothing but a mere colorless and two dimensional image of the real world where everything was invigorated by real color. Once he got back and told his friends they completely dismissed him as crazy, while in reality he was probably more sane than they were. To put it simply the one day experience with Yvie is very similar to falling in love and the associated euphoria. The only difference is that the person you fall in love with is no one but you, and once you love yourself like you would a new lover you will stop at nothing to make yourself the happiest person on earth and move forward with all the energy to make your dreams a reality, just like you would do with a new lover.  You can't afford not do it. The world needs you to be you so it can become a better place.


Dubai, UAE

Honestly, I did not believe in hypnosis and I was very hesitant to try it because I did not want someone to take control of my mind! It sounded scary!. Instead, I read a lot of psychology and self-improvement books and attended many seminars. I became so knowledgeable that I was able to help many people improve but not myself! There was a glass wall somewhere inside me that I could not break. There was an internal resistance that was holding me back from moving forward in my life. After trying all other ways, I finally decided to try hypnosis with Yvie and I was still skeptical about it. The first session blew my mind! I was able to reach that glass wall and break through it. I was able to speak to my subconscious mind and find all the buried answers. I was able to touch all my past traumas, sorrows, and childhood tragedies and solve them all. 

I released what I had to release and took the weight off my shoulders and was ready to move. The first feeling after the session was magical happiness and feeling of freedom. Suddenly I saw life so beautiful and my self-talk became very positive. I started to notice the improvement in my sleep, dreams, health, mental situation, and overall in my life. Now I am writing this from my apartment in New York, I moved here after I got a scholarship to study a master degree in one of the top universities in the world. You have no idea how thankful I am that I decided to take the session with Yvie, because it changed my life and made it 100 times better.


Saudi Arabia

My RTT experience was enlightening. I felt like Yvie knew me and understood me. She made me feel that it’s ok to be myself. I struggled with public speaking for as long as I  can remember. Even thinking about it would make me nervous. 


Dubai, UAE

All my life I searched for answers only to find them in myself through a regression session with Yvie. 

I went in blind and came out a seeing person. Everything makes sense now and I appreciated she stayed in touch with me the days after the session as so much came up. 


Yvie is an exceptional therapist and I can highly recommend her. Whether it is for her group meditation or a private session. 




Helga J


I had a session with Yvie recently to overcome some money blocks that I felt that I was holding on to. Before the session I felt a bit skeptical that I would take hypnotic suggestions in and that I would be able to be hypnotized. Yvie did a fantastic job putting me at ease and her voice instantly made me feel calm, focused and ready to allow her to do her job. She was able to have me relax completely and she gave me some very powerful hypnotic suggestions. I even had a lot of fun and got some powerful insights into my thoughts and behaviors. I can recommend to anyone to have a session with Yvie as she has managed to activate some huge transformations in my thoughts and my mindset. Thank you Yvie xx. Helga Jens



"I went to Yvie for her to help me on the emotional issues behind a long standing and severe digestive complaint. It was an incredibly profound session. She skillfully guided me into regression and one scene was so powerful and the release so huge that i could feel a lifetime of that suppressed trauma crumbling away. The bonus was being able to see the good in that same trauma. A massive weight was lifted off me and I feel, along with conscious eating and supplementation, the road is now clear for my digestive system to heal. Yvie was so calm, caring and kind throughout the session. She was a beautiful healing guide and I am so grateful for her talent, insights and support. I would definitely recommend her." Suzanne


Dubai - UAE

Dear Yvie, thank you for holding me throughout the session with such Love which made me feel safe enough to re-enter places of my wounds and heal them. You are a great therapist. 


Dubai, UAE

It strikes me that as adults we are at war with ourselves as we struggle to balance our aspirations with our reality. Yvie gives you the opportunity to look into yourself and find balance and a way out of the confusion. I have a complicated life, which is in part self-imposed and part the result of choices that I have made as an adult, and Yvie navigated me on a path that gave me clarity and a way to move forward.


Dubai, UAE

Went to Yvie being referred to her by a friend who knew that I needed help coping with some issues that I was facing in my relationship with my husband and generally. We do learn how to deal with problems at a very young age by copying what the adults do around us, and sometimes we learn things the wrong way.

Learnt behavior is so difficult to be changed. It's kind of a part of us. I have learnt a whole new set of skills from Yvie helping me getting over things that I just couldn't get through before. The hypnosis was such an eye opener, I never knew that I had the answers to my most pressing questions in me. Just one session changed my life a lot.  There are still parts I need to work on and problems I face but I never thought I will learn so much about me in just one day. 
Apart from that I have been dealing with flight fear for the past 6 years, a problem that is really hard with full blown panic attacks and all that comes with it. After my session with Yvette I am able to fly again without using sedatives and I had a meal on an airplane for the first time in 6 years. Yvie has been there for me since then through phone calls and messages and by providing me constantly with videos and material that keeps reminding me of how important it is to stay true to your path and practice what you learnt. 
Thank you for everything. 


Online - Singapore

Yvie did a wonderful session for me to resolve a bad habit that I had developed on walking out on bad m-tempered ex-boyfriends.  I had recently started dating a very nice, kind and patient man but when the slightest issue arose, I found myself expecting the worse to happen and found myself always wanting to bolt for the door.  Yvie did a session via zoom for me and despite the distance, she successfully put me under and got me to other root causes of how this patter of bolting had developed. Through the session, I find I’m now able to stay and safely explain my feelings calmly to my partner. Our relationship is stronger for it.  Thank you Yvie.

Asmaa K

Dubai, UAE

For me Quantum Hypnosis is more of a quantum leap; I've never thought you could get deep profound answers to those lingering questions inside of you, and what's even better is that you get them from within. QH helps you to access this secret place inside of you, your higher self; the part of you directly connected to everything in the Universe, even to God, where all the answers and all the wisdom resides. 
And as complicated as it might seem, Yvie Sanchez made it so easy, listening to me with the most open ears and open heart, most understanding and most accepting. In supreme patience and impressive skill, she allowed me to actually map my whole life in one long session. Helped me to see all these long-hidden patterns clearly & colorfully illustrated, like I'm looking down on my whole life from a bird's eye view, seeing everything so clearly.
And I can't even begin to describe the hypnosis session, but I can tell you that listening back to my own voice saying things I've never thought of before, things that are really eye-opening and life-changing, was the most intense, and really mind-blowing experience I've ever had! 
In my opinion and after I've tried it, this is a must have experience for anyone, at least once every major stage of your life. And if you're going to do it, I definitely recommend Yvie Sanchez.


Dubai, UAE

Yvie takes the time to listen and understand your concerns. She is very genuine and caring in her approach and puts her heart into helping you discover the answers you need. She has tremendously helped me in setting limits when I need to and building my confidence so I no longer feel the burden of having to please people all the time and forgetting myself and my needs in the process. This in turn has also helped me deal with my children better and I am forever grateful to her! I am now a happier, more confident person and have full trust in taking my own decisions. 
Thank you for everything Yvie!  - 


Dubai, UAE

While I was a bit unsure about hypnosis, once I first worked with Yvette it soon became one of the best decisions I’ve made, at a time where I was struggling and lost, Yvette became the light that guided me to a path of self-love and clarity to move on to the path that I always wanted to be on.


Dubai, UAE

Kindness, empathy and optimism are the three qualities of Yvette that are most valuable to me.

One session with Yvette is sufficient to connect with the most luminous part of yourself and address all the points that need to be in order to significantly improve your life and the satisfaction you find in living it. Yvette helped me even identifying these points at the beginning of the session as she was peeling with me the different layers of my life and personality.

 The session itself was amazing and magical. I could find resources and wisdom that I did not know I was carrying. I could also connect with the people I love (alive and dead) and screen my body to search and understand any disease or discomfort. 

After the session, Yvette regularly kept in touch and helped me to continue working on any challenge I may have. She was discrete however always accurate and the comments / articles would always reached me at the exact time I needed them.


I can say the work completed with Yvette and the relationship with her as therapist really helped me transform my life and live “happy”.

Thank you Yvette for showing me my light thanks to your light and for all the miracles that started to take place in my existence. 


Dubai, UAE

"Like so many of us, I have struggled with life's challenges and often wondered: What am I supposed to be doing? Am I on the right path?  Why have certain things happened to me?  Why did I make these choices?  Why can't I change my behaviour?  
I was planning on trying past life regression, because I felt I had some memories of a past life that I wanted to explore.  Instead, by divine intervention, I was drawn to QHHT and Yvie in particular. I felt instantly comfortable when I first met Yvie and I was able to share some very personal stories with her.  
The session was a profound, deeply moving and enormously uplifting experience.  It felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my thinking and a veil from my eyes in the way I looked at the world.  I finally understood the choices I had made and who I was.  My life is interesting and meaningful.  
It's now well over a month since my session and the thinking patterns that I had before are gone.  I feel very differently about myself and my personal relationships. I’ve been able to make many positive changes in my life.
No matter where you are on your journey, I cannot recommend Yvie highly enough! "

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