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Yvie Sanchez

In Stillness

I'm in a temple, there are lots of candles, lots of people around, and I'm floating, observing them they can't see me; I'm looking at people at how they are feeling, they feel lost, they come to the temple to look for answers, I sit on their shoulders observing them I need to feel their emotions, but I'm too busy going from one person to another observing them.

I am not allowed to interfere I have to be still and only observe, I have all the answers; but I can only get the answers if I'm still, I'm curious I want to know why people feel what they feel, I want to help them but I'm getting told off! I have stay still learn to observe, if I don't stay still I will not be able to feel what each person is feeling, those that I am observing; if I keep moving I then don't stay long enough to learn from them.

I am not allowed to speak, words have no meaning it's our actions that matter; but we also need to be still and feel, allow for things to come to us, stop searching, stop looking for answers. Words have no big meaning they are just sounds it's our actions that speak louder than words ever will, words are easy anyone can speak words and make sounds.

There is a desert, there is a big storm there are lots of people and they can't see where they are going so they are all holding hands, they are unable to open their eyes because of the sand and they can't speak either they all just hold hands and protect each other that way, they are all waiting for the storm to stop, people don't need to see or speak to each other to be there for one another, we just need to feel their touch.

We all search for that connection, it's like a spark I need that in my life I should not give up my search for it; it's only those that give me that spark or shock that I will learn from. I know who some of them are, and I search for the others, when I find them I must stay still.

They will teach me a lot, they will teach me to believe that things will work out; they will teach me to trust, like in the desert I must close my eyes and not speak, allow for things to unfold.

I'm too busy searching I need to be still and trust in that spark, that connection.

We don't need to learn, some things we just need to remember. We must be open, patient when I think I should run, I shouldn't, where I think I should walk away, I shouldn't, where I think I feel uncomfortable, I should stay, it's when I most feel uncomfortable and most scared then I should stay still.

We should feel all those emotions truly feel them not run away from them, the answers are all inside of us but we don't stay still long enough to listen, to feel, to trust. Don't follow the crowd trust yourself always, the trust will only come when we get still in ourselves long enough to listen

When we are still, things come to us, I am the connection between a lot of points and if I keep moving the connection doesn't work, it all connects if we remember to be still, it's like an arrow, it will be harder to hit a moving target.

When we are still, we allow for things to unfold around us. Allow for people to feel, allow to feel fear without running away. We are all too busy searching, searching, in stillness, we will find calmness and hope, there is always a different way.

In changing ourselves our world changes around us, we learn to trust in who we are. I need to bring calmness and stillness to those around me but I must first find it within me.

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