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Yvie Sanchez

Seeing Clearly

The sun is shining through, I'm in a temple, there is water in the middle, there are no windows and it's made of stone, people go there to stay cool, there are people there and I'm floating around, there are people in white robes all staring at the water it's like a ceremonial bath. They are all waiting for a ceremony to begin, some people are putting water in their hands and washing their faces, some are looking at their reflection in the water they have to describe what they see, some look at their faces in the water, some try to look at the others, some don't see their reflection and see the bottom of the bath everyone is doing something different, they are all waiting to see something.

They are missing the point that there is nothing to see, they should close their eyes, they should feel things rather than see them, it's a test and they all fail the test, I can't tell them they must learn it themselves.

They are waiting for someone to tell them where they went wrong, it's like a teacher, he doesn't come, he likes keeping them all there, I look for him and see him laughing, he thinks it's funny, he is behind a pillar observing the others. He wants them all to learn, to stop seeing with their eyes, he wants them to learn to feel, to close their eyes and really see and not just see with their eyes open; but none of them get it, so he laughs as he watches them splash water in their faces to try to see more clearly.

I have to close my eyes, when I do, I'll see clearly, things happen for us not to us, we must learn who can earn our trust in order to understand this we must feel it, things that we think are bad are there to show us, for us to learn, we only learn during times of hardship.

It's like a light, sometimes it blinds people and other times it attracts people, the ones that are blinded by it, are simply not ready.

I see only the good in people but that does not mean we should trust everyone I have to remember the water, only when I feel it, can I trust it.

I can't help anyone, everyone must help themselves, those that we can't trust are simply lost, I can't help them, they have to find their own way by themselves, I need to understand that I can't change people, I can't help anyone, we can only change ourselves and help ourselves.

It has to always start with us, we can not worry about others, every person has their own path to lead and we can't walk it for them.

They way to know when to trust and when not to, is determined by our instincts, most people forget to follow their instincts they become comfortable, they let down their defenses but we must not become defensive, we must simply become aware, it's about awareness, aware that not everyone is in the same place, not every one thinks the same way, feels the same way .

Everything happens for everybody it doesn't happen to them, there lies the difference.

When things are easy, they are not worth it, we have to appreciate things, we must know loss to appreciate having something, if it's to easy we will never value any of it.

We only learn with ease and comfort when we are children it gets harder as we get older, the lessons are harder.

When we clear within, we clear on the outside, what we have within we radiate always from within to the outside, never the other way around. The best way is to go to nature that's when we go within.

We don't breathe well here, we must try to go to the ocean, to the desert, we block out energy when we are not connected with nature.

We all want to see with our eyes, but it's not the way to see things, we must see with our hearts, for then will we truly see.

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