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Yvie Sanchez

The Wall

The ground is hard it's concrete, I can't see the view from where I am, there are concrete walls there are no windows it looks like a house that has been left empty they didn't finish making it, there is a beautiful view outside but the house is ugly, it's dark, it's been abandoned, its not meant to be a house it's meant to be like a prison; it's not a prison though it's just meant to be like one they are meant to keep people there hidden, it's far away from everything nobody knows where it is but they never finished it.

I'm just observing the view outside its so beautiful, there are mountains I'm there because it's out of place it doesn't belong there, it's empty, there is emptiness inside its a sad place but it's beautiful outside; inside there is a lot of sadness they have kept people there against their will, people didn't want to be there, I just noticed the windows they are high, very high they let light in but are not to look out from, that's why it feels dark. It feels cold inside even though it's warm outside, the walls are made of cement never been painted they are grey, there is straw on the floor very basic, I can't find the door, there is no door they have closed it all in, it doesn't feel right to be there.

It's like a box, high walls with windows high up, it looks out of place there is a lot of sadness inside, the people that were there built these walls themselves it feels like they were punishing themselves, they thought they'd be hiding but in fact they lived out of place, they wanted to be alone there like a punishment. They chose the view on purpose and chose to block it on purpose, I have to stay until I work out what it means.

Those are the walls we build around ourselves, that's what they look like, cold, we can't see the beauty outside, we choose not to see it. We mustn't build barriers eventually the barriers will look like that house, there will not be any doors and we won't be able to reach the windows, there will only be darkness and sadness inside, its a metaphor.

We must never go to that house we must never build these walls, this is where we go when we close our hearts we have to show love to those that make us feel like we want to build those walls.

I am kindness and love but I doubt myself and when I doubt I loose my strength, I have to believe in myself and be true, I must listen to my heart, most don't listen they listen to others and when they listen to others they loose sight of who they are, when you listen to yourself you know who you are.

I must remember the house it's a reminder that we must listen to our hearts we must deal with everyone in only one way, and that is with love no matter what they do.When we see hurt, when we see anger, we must always react with love never in the same way as them.

People that are angry are very sad inside, we must only ever show them love they are fighting a battle with themselves.

Everyone has forgotten to listen to their hearts we need to find stillness within ourselves, we are too busy the world is too busy there is too much anger and sadness and pain we need to go back to listening to our hearts we think it's a sign of weakness but it's not, it's a strength that not many people are prepared to believe in.

I have that strength but I doubt it and when I doubt it, I encounter situations that I don't like.

We all need to remember that house, there is beauty outside of it and we choose to lock ourselves inside our sadness, we all choose.

When there is weakness, there is uncertainty and then there is fear, our strength comes from certainty, from belief.

We look for help on the outside we look for strength in others but our strength comes from within belief comes from us not from others we don't need recognition from others we can only recognize ourselves but we search all the same in vain. When we believe in who we are from that comes our strength. We all need to feel pain to recognize things that we would miss if the pain was not there.

It helps us recognize what needs to be healed.

We will not know love without pain we will not know cold without warmth we will not know night without day. Beings means feeling we must accept to feel it all in this we find our strength

We carry everything in our hearts in our hearts we find strength, pain, weakness, joy our heart is always with us if we are not able to find our hearts it's irrelevant where we are.

It is very simple , we must all listen to our hearts and we have forgotten to do that.

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