Yvie Sanchez

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change"

Wayne Dyer

Knowing ourselves and how we fit in the world we live in today, is our biggest challenge yet. We are slowly starting to awaken to the notion that the answers to the questions we have, are all within ourselves, only we have been conditioned from an early age to look for happiness, for peace, for love, for our value, outside ourselves, through our jobs, our relationships, our possessions, etc. this in turn has left us a little lost and at times empty and without a clear idea on our true purpose. 

I am humbled and truly privileged to be able to help people through RTT ( Rapid Transformational Therapy) & Regressive Therapy to find out who they truly are, for as they understand their journey and get to the root of why they have followed certain patterns of behaviour, or how certain events have affected the course of their life; they are then able to discover what their true purpose is, and in turn transform and give a new meaning  to their life. For we are all powerful beyond measure and create our own reality.

As we understand the what, and the why of everything that has ever happened to us, the how to change it becomes easy and effortless. This clarity and understanding allows us to take back control of our own life and start creating the reality we truly want from the inside out!  

Born in Colombia, living half my life in London and for the past 11 years in Dubai, having a French name and a British accent, “is compelling evidence that we are not defined by our labels nor by our past, but that we are and can chose to be infinitely more; especially when we allow ourselves to discover the depth of who we are, with the intention to be all that we can potentially become”.


With a background in investment banking and in the cultural sector I have always worked and connected with people from all walks of life at different levels, and understand how important it is to feel connected, not only to others but to ourselves. My passion is to help others regain that connection; to find their purpose in life and take control of their lives.

As qualified and certified (RTT) Advanced Rapid Transformational Practitioner and Regressive Therapist I work with many people from different walks of life and backgrounds, adults of all ages, as well as teenagers helping them to overcome a wide range of issues, conditions and situations. I also specialize in working with individuals suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

I run weekly Regressive Meditations at the Just Be Holistic Centre in umm suquiem and the newly opened Lee Wellness Center in TECOM in Spanish and English, these meditations allow people to regress and find out what needs to be addressed and changed within themselves, every week there is a different theme. I am also frequently asked to do talks and run workshops for multinational companies as well as Government entities spreading awareness on how to improve mental health and live life from the inside out, reducing stress and improving life balance. 


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