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The Glass

As you look at the glass, you will see that what makes the glass is not the glass itself but the space inside, for if this space did not exist the glass would not take shape.

The glass represents who we think we are, our name, where we come from, what language we speak, our material possessions, what we do for a living, our personality, etc. All of this represents the outside and shapes our reality, however who we truly are is the space inside, which is our essence, for without it the glass would not exist. Yet we identify with the glass, with the outside, the glass which is constantly changing, and which is shaped by our experiences, by our beliefs, and by an array of outside forces. It is breakable and limited, whilst the inside is constant, and infinite it is only the glass which limits the space within much like our thoughts limit our true potential. 

If we are able to live from that space inside, we then become limitless beings, and powerful beyond measure for we realise that we are infinite and can only be limited by our thinking. The meaning of a truly empowered human being is living from that essence, from that space, in the knowing that we create our own reality; we create the glass, and we create it with our thinking whether we allow the glass to shape our reality or we shape it ourselves. The choice is ours.

RTT ( Rapid Transformational Therapy)

by Marisa Peer

Is a highly effective method developed by Marisa Peer named best British Therapist in the UK; RTT combines principles of Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The combination of these powerful methods together with the vast experience Marisa Peer developed from treating thousands of clients that include celebrities, royalty and Olympic Athletes over the last 30 years is what makes this method unique, cutting edge and produces a transformative permanent effect on clients.


What makes RTT also unique is how it aims to deliver permanent change and rapid results sometimes in a single 90 minute session, although some clients and some issues will need up to 3 sessions.


It is a method known and recognised to truly empower. Once the meaning and interpretation of events and memories that have happened in their lives are uncovered through RTT; clients are then able to change their meaning. This leads to a powerful change with not only fast and effective results, but freedom from the issues that hold people back from realising their true potential. 

RTT helps resolve a wide range of issues in adults as well as teens and kids





Weight Issues

candle (1).png













Fear & Phobias


Relationship Issues


I help teens with the following issues:

Nail Biting
Self Esteem
Exam Stress
Improving Memory
Finding Purpose

" The symptoms in our children are a gift from their soul to the parents"

This is such a powerful statement and one that makes such an impact on all parents who read it or hear it. 

Children are mirrors to us parents, and as we address the issues within ourselves we help resolve them within them and in turn do not pass them on as a legacy.

Regressive Therapy by Aurelio Mejia  

Regressive Therapy uses Hypnosis as a way of understanding how our experiences, beliefs and memories "create our own reality" Once we are able to understand and go to the root of our experiences, we are then able to see the meaning with clarity allowing us make the necessary changes in our lives.

Hypnosis allows you to effectively access your subconscious. It is a natural state of relaxation that we find ourselves in throughout the day. It is our natural state and a powerful way in which to connect with our centre, the space within. Some people are able to access this space through meditation. It is an awakening, a way of reaching that part within ourselves that guides us.


Some people call it the subconscious, others the higher self, others their intuition, our centre, the name is not important, what is important is our connection with that space.

Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry® is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that allows for emotions to be expressed that have been suppressed.

It allows the client to recognise the limiting beliefs that they have been carrying and have internalised since childhood, and to transform those beliefs through awareness and through the connection to the practitioner and themselves. This will allow clients to discover and move into new ways of being. 

How to prepare for a session

The most important way to prepare for your session is to start being aware that you will have direct and clear communication with your Subconscious mind, and mentally repeat this to yourself throughout the day:

“I have clear and direct communication with my Subconscious Mind”

stating this intention a few days before as and when you can will ensure you already start the preparation and are open to the amazing experience on the day of your session.

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